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Pokhara Ultra Light Pvt.Ltd established in 2011 Affiliated to CAAN (Civil Aviation Authority Nepal) and Ministry of Culture, Tourism and civil Aviation. Our Ultralight Aircraft Aeros 2 with Rotax 912 UL Engines having 80 hp is furnished with MAGNUM 450 and light sport Aircraft named Ikarus, Finished with the ROTAX 912 ULS engine having 100 hp, It’s a 3 axis single engine aircraft with fix wing, Our Ikarus is also with MAGNUM 450 so that it can be landed anywhere, anytime for both passenger and pilot as well aircraft safety with a most sound and reliable emergency rescue system.
The ultra light is not just for the adventure, It is as much for them as for any individual who seeks different and real way of viewing Pokhara and mountain and bringing thrill back in life. It is not just a flight but it will prove itself as astonishing lifetime experience. It is one of the safest way to being one with nature.


Name : Pokhara Ultra light Pvt.Ltd.
Type: Private Company
Address : Barahi Chowk, Lakeside Pokhara
Contact : 97761466880/81/82. Email: /
Registration Date: 06/09/2011
Registration Number: 86276/068/069
Permanent Account Number (PAN) : 305591636
Executive Chairman: Biplab Paudel
Managing Director: Pom Narayan Shrestha
Business: Air sports activities
Membership: NAA/PCCI/RAAN
Type and number of aircraft: Aeros 2 with Rotax 912 UL (Ukraine)/ Ikarus with Rotax 912 ULS (German)
Insured By: Shikhar Insurance company ltd.